Sika and the Sydney Harbour Bridge


The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, also known as the “Coat Hanger”, has undergone major road maintenance, a $3.5 million resurfacing and waterproofing project in time for its 80th anniversary in March.

The maintenance was to prevent rainwater damaging the structural elements of the bridge, including the concrete bridge deck and steel support structure.  The major maintenance work replaced the road pavement with an application of an epoxy waterproofing membrane that will essentially reduce the need for expensive reactive maintenance work in the future.

Sika’s new innovative epoxy waterproofing material was applied, in part by hand, to maximise the waterproofing process. The benefits of the resurfacing and waterproofing include:

–       Creation of a smoother and more durable road surface

–       Reduction of road noise as the new Surface is less coarse and quieter than the previous

–       Reduction of the risk of corrosion and structural damage on the bridge deck

–       Rejuvenation of the bridge, which will be 80 years old on 19th March 2012.

The team involved with this historic resurfacing and all of us at Sika® are proud to have our products chosen for the resurfacing of this Sydney icon.­­

The Sika System:

Sika Concrete Primer

Sika® Concrete Primer is a two component, rapid curing, high solids, solvent based polyurea primer. Seals, primes and helps stabilise substrates.

Sikalastic 841 ST

Sikalastic®-841 ST is a two part, elastic, 100% solids, very fast curing pure polyurea spray applied membrane. For waterproofing and anticorrosion applications on steel, concrete and many other substrates. 100% solids with zero VOC with excellent UV resistant and almost immediate  return to service time.


Sikafloor 161

Sikafloor®-161 is a  two part, low viscosity epoxy resin for priming concrete, cement screeds and epoxy mortars where the moisture content is between 4% to 6% by Tramex meter.  Easy to use with excellent bond strength and good penetration to the substrates.

Sikafloor 345

Sikafloor®-345 is a solvent free rapid hardening repair mortar, ideal to fill holes and level uneven surfaces.

Sikalastic 827 HT

Sikalastic®-827 HT is a modified hot-melt adhesive used as part of the bridge deck waterproofing system for underneath asphalt concrete. As pellets broadcast into wet Sikafloor-161 to allow a bond between the liquid applied membrane and the asphalt concrete. Provides excellent adhesion to asphalt concrete.

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