Sikalastic 560 – The GECA [Good Environmental Choice Australia] approved Waterproofing membrane for roofing applications


Liquid waterproofing membranes are an adaptable solution for both professionals and DIY users, working well in a number of areas including roofs, floors and gutters. However, many of these do not offer long term UV stability, and subsequently deteriorate quickly in exposed areas, forcing them to be replaced before major damage occurs.

Sika has been providing innovative waterproofing solutions globally since 1910.  That history provides peace of mind in selecting products which are going to go the distance to protect your property or the reputation of your business.


Sikalastic®-560 has been specially engineered for high performance waterproofing in exposed condition; it can be applied with either a brush for precision in detail work or with a roller for entire roof areas. The product is a one-component solution, creating ease of application and efficiency.

The Sika Co-Elastic Technology (CET) found in Sikalastic®-560 combines the high performance of a polyurethane dispersion with the well-known properties of an acrylic.

This offers an environmentally and consumer friendly alternative for different product technologies. The product does not contain any reactive components, is solvent-free and will therefore be only marginally affected by regulations in the future.


Sikalastic®-560 holds GECA Certification, meaning that it is an environmentally responsible choice and will contribute to a better Greenstar Rating in many buildings.

For Sika, ecological efficiency means delivering equivalent or better solutions, while consuming less materials and energy, are recognised as favourable to the environment.

GECA approved products are becoming increasingly important for architects, engineers and specifiers, as Australia becomes more and more environmentally conscious.

This approval rating gives specifiers the confidence that they are providing an environmentally friendly solution for their clients and that they are actively contributing to the Green Star rating of the buildings. Sika Australia is proud to partner with GECA to provide products that are better for the environment and meet the increasing need for environmental consciousness.

For more information on Sikalastic®-560 including purchasing or specification, please contact Sika Australia by phone on 1300 22 33 48.

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