Waterproofing Brewery Apartments with Sika Ceram


Sika Australia  provided a complete ceramic tiling and waterproofing solution to protect the garage of a 150-year-old, culturally significant luxury apartment complex in Adelaide.

Originally a brewery, the buildings were constructed in the late 1800s and converted to upscale apartments 12 years ago. A new garage constructed during the conversion phase in front of two double-storey units presented a water leakage problem.

The garage’s flat, reinforced roof doubled as a tiled deck for the apartments. However, water ingress from the tiled deck to the garage below was causing damage to the garage ceiling as well as the paint on the residents’ cars below.

Sarah Nobbs, senior design engineer at Strata Engineering Solutions, explained that they were able to identify the garage roof did not have a waterproofing membrane and prepared a specification for remedial works.


Having successfully used Sika products in the past, the company approached Sika for this project, working together to determine a suitable and cost-effective solution for the client. Sika also recommended a reliable and experienced contractor who was familiar with the Sika product range.

The SikaCeram tiling system was selected for the remedial works, which used a corrosion inhibiting product, waterproofing and ceramic tiling adhesives and grouts. The project was completed in two stages. First, the garage roof deck was exposed and Sika Ferrogard 903, a surface applied corrosion inhibiting liquid impregnation was applied to slow the rate of corrosion and delay further damage.

Sikagard 700S was also applied to the rendered dividing wall on the deck to prevent moisture wicking into the slab. Finally SikaTite-PUD, a waterproof membrane, was applied to the deck area, and ceramic tiles laid on the deck to complete the project.

The SikaCeram tiling system was selected for its 12-year warranty, and included SikaCeram super adhesive and SikaCeram grout in white.


To read more about this story, check out the latest edition of Synergy magazine.

For more information contact Sika at au.marketing@au.sika.com

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