Introducing Sika Monotop 910 – For Concrete Repair and Protection



Spalling corrosion (or concrete cancer, as it is commonly known) is a constant struggle for building owners, strata managers and contractors alike, particularly in marine environments or near the coastline.
And unfortunately, if not carefully repaired and treated coirrectly, the patch repairs life expectancy will be reduced, will not remain strong, and has been known to break away from the existing concrete.

The best way to prevent a reduced life of the repair is to use a bonding mortar and corrosion protector, directly applied to existing reo bars within the concrete. Enter Sika Monotop 910, a one component, cementitious, polymer modified mortar containing silica fume and corrosion inhibitors.

Sika have recently replaced the existing Sika Monotop 610 with the Sika Monotop 910. This new product was part of the international upgrade of the Sika Concrete Repair and refurbishment range to comply with the European Standard EN1504.

This primer for concrete repair is used to both protect the steel reinforcement in the concrete patch area and as a bonding bridge for concrete patching mortars. Sika Monotop 910 is an integral component of the Sika Monotop Concrete Repair System, including high build patching mortars and superfine fairing coats.



With an excellent bond to steel and concrete substrates, high mechanical strengths and high impermeability to water and chlorides, Sika Monotop 910 can provide peace of mind that your repair will stand the test of time.

For the application of Sika Monotop 910, it’s important that all steel is removed and treated, including up to an additional 50mm around the edge of the concrete cancer, or until good steel is found. Then simply brush, roller or spray on the mixed powder-and-water solution to the entire exposed area, being careful to cover all surfaces. Apply two coats of the mixture at 1mm thickness each, and allow to dry before applying your panel patch.

Sika Globally is a corporate member of ACRA, the Australasian Concrete Repair Association, and recommends inspection by a suitable, ACRA Certified Engineer before any repairs are carried out.

For more information on the Sika Concrete Repair Range, please visit or contact one of our sales reps on 1300 22 33 48 for complete specification information.

For more information, contact Sika at

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