Food producers and manufactuerers are increasingly aware of the potential problems associated with exposure of their product to contaminants. Exposure to biological agents, fungus and bacterior during producion has recently provent o have a significant impact on food producers business and brand profile.

Refurbishment of food production facilities often has to be carried out “live” with works close to processing lines, as seen in our work with the Sydney Fish Markets in 2013. This has the potential to expose sensitive food products to particle contaminants from the flooring that emit volatile organic compounds; or VOC’s to those in the business.


Sikafloor PurCem polyurethane concrete flooring system has proven a tough, durable floor for the food industry for over 20 years, having been used on some of the most high traffic floors in the country, such as Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets, Bakers Delight and Hungry Jacks floors. High impact resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, coupled with a fast turn around time for installation make it the choice of many manufacturers worldwide.

In recognition of the higher hygeine and exposure standards demanded by the Australian Food and Beverage industry and its clients, Sika has subjected Sikafloor PurCem to rigorous testing in both Europe and Australia. As a result, Sikafloor PurCem has been accredited with the same standard as the pharmaceutical flooring range in Europe has, which is the European Fraunhofer CSM-IPA approval.

To receive this accreditation, the product had to pass the standard for particle emissions, as well as resistance to harbouring biocides as per European standard ISO-846. Sikafloor PurCem has also passed the Australian Green Building Council of Australia Standard V3 IEQ-13 for VOC emissions, therefor contributing to Green Star Ratings in buildings. With the pass level for this accreditation being at 140grams per litre, Sikafloor PurCem far surpassed this level, releasing less that 1 gram per litre, bringing it close to the zero emissions benchmark.


With its strong history of use in food-centric projects, and recent uptake in the AgriBio Center at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Sikafloor PurCem is fast becoming the industry standard for durable, efficient and most importantly hygenic flooring.


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