Image Timber flooring is a fantastic way to add warmth, class and depth to your home. However, many hardwood floors create an emphatic ‘echo’ in the room, which can be disconcerting and unsettling in your home. Not only that, but hardwood flooring can be an expensive exercise, which often stretches past the budget of residential clients.

The easiest way to combat these two issues is to use the Sika Acoubond system.

The Sika Acoubond System contains both the Sika Layer mat, which provides the sound deadening properties and is able to reduce footfall sound by up to 18 decibels; and SikaBond-T53, a premium polyurethane adhesive for holding the boards down. The greatest advantage of using this system is that there are no nails necessary, which means no damage to the floor boards during construction. Once applied, the floor boards are able to be walked on immediately, which for a family home is especially important – there is no downtime, and your home can go back to normal in a short space of time.




Residential home owners in Victoria needed to install their Spotted Gum 15mm Engineered boards over an exisiting pine subfloor. They wanted the noise dampened so there would be no echoing under the subfloor, whilst also not being noisy and drummy in the room when walking.While there is a structural and visual difference between solid timber floors and floating floors,the quality of floating floors has improved and are a fantastic option for floors in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


Sika recommended the Sika Acoubond System, perfect for engineered boards and hardwood floors, for use in this home. After priming with Sika Primer MR Fast, the loose-laid slotted mat system was simply rolled over the exisiting subfloor and the SikaBond-T53 high performance polyurethane adhesive was caulked  into the slots. The timber is then placed over the mat and butted together tightly, to form a seamless floor.


With the continued popularity of the look of timber flooring in residential homes, its important that high quality materials are used to ensure that these floors will stand the test of time, and meet the needs of your family over time. Trust Sika to provide the installation system for your next timber flooring project.


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