A recent project that Sika Australia is proud to have collaborated on, is the retail flooring in the completely renovated DFO Homebush Homemaker Hub in Sydney.


Firmstone Flooring Specialists, with their extensive experience in preparation, levelling and epoxy flooring solutions were sub-contracted by the center developers to complete this phenomenal floor. Firmstone were chosen for their creative and technical expertise to meet the architect’s artist impression of a floor covered with swirling silvery clouds and starry galaxies.
Having had an extensive professional relationship with Firmstone, Sika Australia were proud to be consulted to achieve this floor. Using our Sikafloor 160 product, colours of silver and grey metallic dust or shards were selected and mixed into our specialised product of self-levelling epoxy.

The DFO project involved a floor covering of approximately 1200m2. Working in smaller areas at a time, the floor was vacuum ground and then primed with Sikafloor 160, an epoxy primer and binder used in past flooring systems such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Perth Arena. Together with the decorative shards and dust, Sikafloor 160 was then put down as a self-leveller at 3–4mm in thickness. As the epoxy flowed and the 40-minute curing process began, the shards settled and created the desired metallic cloud patterns with a translucent 3D effect.

Sikafloor 160, an epoxy primer and binder.

A key challenge for the project was the 40m long ramp at a slope that required the same effect however, after applying their years of technical expertise, Firmstone were able to provide a perfect solution and apply the flooring with precision. Given the renovations were taking placed during the busy Christmas period, the application of the flooring solution took place during the evening after the centre was closed. Despite this scheduling limitation, Firmstone were able to successfully complete this project within the set time frame and to the exact specification set out by the architect resulting in an extremely happy customer and a one of a kind shopping centre floor.

Sikafloor 160 created the desired metallic cloud patterns with a translucent 3D effect.

Having successfully worked together on many large projects before, including epoxy flooring at the SCG and for Nestle, Sika and Firmstone’s extensive experience and partnership as supplier and applicator, has, yet again, created a showcase result with the largest commercial/retail floor of this nature. The flooring is located directly out the front of premium and high end shop fronts, and now forms part of a durable yet very aesthetically
appealing solution that tied in with the decorative theme of the surrounding store fascias. This high end flooring solution perfectly compliments the high end nature of products in this area of the mall, and its aesthetic nature excites and interests all customers who visit the mall, a fantastic result for everyone involved.

For more information on flooring solutions, please visit our dedicated flooring website.

All photographs for this project were taken by Warren Lennon of Cartel Imagery.

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