Picture perfect refurbishment for iconic Sydney beach

Located in Mosman, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore is Balmoral Beach. The small, yet locally famous beach, with views over the Sydney Harbour National Park, incorporates a number of family friendly attractions including a large park, enclosed swimming area and a walking track which sits atop the Balmoral Sea Wall.


The sea wall, constructed in 1929 and spanning over 1.5kms along the waterfront, provides protection to the coastline by preventing upland erosion and storm surges from flooding up into the surrounding areas.Due to years of exposure to the harsh elements, including salt water, sand blasts and high levels of sun, multiple sections of the concrete wall were showing signs of severe degradation and in dire need of repairs.


With the last renovation works on the wall being completed over 20 years ago, an audit revealed and Mosman Council agreed that the concrete wall was showing signs of deterioration and exhibited ‘significant defects’, including reinforcement corrosion, concrete cracking and spalled areas. These were particularly visible on the bridge to Rocky Island and patches near the Bathers Pavilion.


The project called for a complete refurbishment of the various areas of the wall and supporting structure including pillars, vertical walls, handrails, bridges and other sections. The project required a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing repair solution for the failing and cracked sections.

Working with Metrocorp Technologies, Sika’s trusted contractor, Sika Monotop 352NFG, a light weight mortar with corrosion inhibitor agents was used in the patching of concrete work that included corroded and exposed steel reinforcement. Sika Gunite GP, a spray applied cement based mortar was used on large vertical surfaces including the walls underneath the bridge.


Square cut sections of the wall were repaired using Sika Monotop 436N, a self compacting form and pour mortar. Sika Monotop FC, a Fine Fairing Coat Mortar was the perfect solution for repairing finer small sections, including the edge of
the hand rails, which allowed easy application and the transitional blending from old to new sections of the wall.


For the final touches, SikaDur 52, a fast curing, two component epoxy injection resin was used to fill the numerous open V’d out cracks that had formed along the wall.

For more information on this project or Sika’s range of concrete refurbishment solutions, contact Sika at au.marketing@au.sika.com

All photographs for this project were taken by Warren Lennon of Cartel Imagery.

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